We are highly qualified experts in the key real estate sectors and products

3 reasons to work with us

1 We deliver comprehensive solutions which cover all the aspects of a transaction: commercial, technical, urban, legal, fiscal, financial, environmental, etc.
2 We are equipped with deep technical expertise to provide a better analysis and development of the investment assets
3 We retain a large contact network with national and international real estate players in all intermediate and high management levels


We represent our client in local level interactions with official and private entities, and coordinate the full investment and management processes as an integrated component of our client’s team.

  • Legal and corporate representation

  • Legal attorney and signature of public deeds and private contracts

  • Legal and corporate solutions associated with the client’s local activity

  • General coordination with the client’s internal team and outsourced service providers

  • Reporting

  • Quality control

  • Outline of investment and asset management strategy, and implementation


We offer a high capacity for sourcing investment opportunities and provide the client with an accurate analysis of every relevant factor of each asset.

  • Investment/disinvestment opportunity sourcing and presentation

  • Financial, commercial, and technical analysis. Value creation strategy

  • Acquisition and sale proposals. Necessary underwriting and documentation

  • Expert advice and management of both the negotiation and the transaction process

  • Commercial, technical, legal/fiscal and environmental Due Diligence. Data Room

  • Funding management

  • Asset integration into the client’s portfolio. Post-closing

Asset Management

We conduct a comprehensive management of the asset and implement the agreed upon value creation strategy, until it matures and reaches the optimal time for sale.

  • Strategy for value creation, lease management, and portfolio rotation

  • Refurbishment and upgrade work. Value-added strategy

  • Marketing plan: current tenant management and new tenant recruitment. Negotiation of new lease contracts and renewal of existing agreements

  • Technical, commercial and administrative Property Management. Documentation update and safe keeping

  • Close contact with real estate agents

  • Invoicing, accounting, fiscal management. Reporting

Market Research

We incorporate the latest technology to analyse the real estate and capital markets, their evolution, and their trends.

  • Periodic market reports

  • Key plans retail high street

  • Studies on comparable transactions and lettings. Benchmark information

  • Specific market research, by area and product, tailored for the client

Architecture and Urban Planning

We are equipped with solid technical expertise in architecture, construction, land, and urban planning, allowing us to better understand real estate assets and recognise their more crucial attributes.

  • Architectural technical services

  • Synchronisation of the real estate process

  • Devising and generation of architecture projects

  • Official supervision of construction work

  • Application and management of licences and permits

  • Due Diligence and Soil Test

  • Project Management

  • Project Monitoring and Watch Dog

  • Facility Management

  • Sustainability consultancy. Obtaining of environmental certifications. Analysis of urban regulations

  • Information on the applicable urban regulation and analysis

  • Urban plan advising, management, and development

  • Formulation of land development urban plan

  • Assessment of the economic and urban viability of the real estate process

Administration and Reporting

We coordinate all the administrative tasks for a duly organised process of real estate investment and management, and implement the adequate reporting procedures to keep our client punctually informed.

  • Annual budgets management and settlement of service charges

  • Completion of tax forms and invoicing control

  • Payments and cash management. Supervision of bank accounts

  • Bookkeeping and preparation of financial statements

  • Administrative and fiscal inspections management

  • Optimisation of the accounting depreciation of properties

  • Advising on urban planning, technical, fiscal, and corporate regulation changes, potential impact and recommended upgrades

  • Implementation of quality control and tenant satisfaction assessment